I am in the uk and have just found your product sorbolene cream and read your specifications and ingredients,  was very surprised that it is just the ideal product I am in need of. I have ordered some from one of your online pharmacy that you supply too, which does international shipping.  It is a shame you don't cater all over the world for people with dry skin problems. Do you know if you will ever be shipping products to the UK? It seems that Australia has better skin care products than the UK. I am so pleased to find your product sobolene cream. Thank you. Debbie  

Hi Enya, I have been using Enya lotion and body wash for almost 4 years since I moved to Australia. Love it! Love the qualiy, reasonable price and the fact that they are Australian made and owned. All the best and with love Linh

  I love the milk & honey body wash smells like honey comb it's smells very yummy...Tammy  

Am loving the Milk and Honey Body Wash - great value and love using the product. Now to try Enya moisturiser. Love that the products are Australian made and natural products. Maureen  

Absolutely love the stuff... Kaye  

Love this! Launga  

Luv it helped my skin heaps. Kaye  

I love this product! Doesn't agrivate my skin like other body washes and really well priced!  

I'd like to buy some but don't know where I can get them. Pls tell the shops in Hamilton NZ, thanks, Nicole  

The Enya 1 Litre Body Wash product range is available at The Warehouse stores throughout New Zealand  

What happened to the Lanolin Cream. That kept my acne away. I really miss it. Kathleen. Hi Kathleen, use the Enya Vitamin E Cream - will work exactly the same.  

While ago I bought the EMU OIL CREAM and find it super good. It's nice and light cream that suit's me well....Tipie