About Us

Australia is renowned for its crystal clean water and wide variety of natural resources. These are ideal conditions for making skin care products and toiletries.

At Cosmetico we take full advantage of Australia’s pristine conditions, manufacturing quality Australian Personal Care products.

Our brands are gaining wider distribution everyday based on our reputation for quality, convenience and value-for money,

We manufacture quality personal care products everyone can afford.

Australian Made

Owned and manufactured in Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia


Our rapid growth and early success has enabled us to invest in modern technology and best practice manufacturing making Cosmetico a low-cost high-quality Australian manufacturer.

Our modern and progressive approach has also led to the implementation of best practice systems of quality control, inventory management, waste management and environmental management.

No Animal Testing

Cosmetico does not engage in the testing of any of our products on animals and we do not employ or engage any party to do this on our behalf. We do not deal with any supplier who engages in animal testing directly or indirectly.